The innovations in medical technology, surgical techniques, and pharmaceuticals are the driving force in advancing evidenced-based patient-centered care. As an independent research organization, we can evaluate emerging technologies and apply these findings to improve patient care.

These trials are a large part of our mission is because neurosurgical clinical research advances the development of more effective treatments for brain and spine disorders. We then can take this knowledge and share it with the medical community, not only locally through our educational events, but also at national and international conferences.

JPNI’s involvement in FDA-controlled and industry-sponsored clinical trials has allowed us to treat patients with the most technically advanced and innovative technologies, which would not otherwise have been available. This experience has enabled us to drive forward technological innovations and new treatments such as targeted neuroprotective pharmacological therapies in traumatic brain injury patients, utilization of amniotic membrane for scarring prevention in spine surgeries, CO2 laser-assisted and minimally invasive spine surgeries, stem cell therapy, and dynamic stabilization and motion preservation devices as alternatives to fusion surgeries.