JPNI continues to fund an internship program for the CU-Boulder undergraduate students considering a career in medicine or clinical research. This internship offers opportunities for in-depth learning of the clinical research methodology and practice, literature searching, scientific writing, and publications. If you are interested, please send your inquiries and CV to

The students that have received scholarships for their dedicated work and personal contribution to the projects over the past years:

  • Samantha Avoian

    Samantha Avoian


    Samantha Avoian is studying Molecular, Cellularand Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulderand is graduating in December of 2018. She is originally from Houston, Texas and will be pursuing a career in medicine.


    “By working on clinical research, making rounds with physicians, and observing surgeries, I have gained a substantial amount of exposure to neurosurgical practice. Each day at BNA I have the opportunity to apply what I am learning in my courses to a clinical setting, which has undoubtedly presented me with a more holistic education. Through the relationships I have cultivated at BNA, I have been provided with insight and motivation for my goals in medicine. Overall, this has been an invaluable experience and I would like to thank everyone at JPNI for the incredible opportunity.”


  • 2017 – Roshan Kantha
  • 2016 – Colson Tomberlin
  • 2010 – Brittany Weeks
  • 2009 – Kyle Healy
  • 2008 – Jason M. Babuska
  • 2006 – Cassandra M. Roeca
  • 2005 – Evan M. Pushchak

To inquire or apply for a fellowship, please contact us at